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Classical and Contemporary Gestalt Therapy from a Relational Perspective

Intermediate and advanced clinicians
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In this intermediate to advanced seminar, we carefully study the classical gestalt therapy model through a critical reading of key sections that I select from of the 1951 founding text, Gestalt Therapy, Excitement and Growth in the Human Personality, by Fritz Perls, Ralph Hefferline, and Paul Goodman.

I give special attention to the sequence of contacting and theory of self model as well as to core concepts such as the organism/environment field, contact-boundary, contacting, creative-adjustment, and the aesthetic criterion that are essential to understanding contemporary gestalt therapy from a relational perspective. We discuss these concepts as they relate to our current practices and in terms of our current knowledge as psychotherapists. We also study and discuss ideas of contemporary gestalt therapists. We relate all theory to actual concrete experience and clinical practice. Participants are encouraged to use this seminar for clinical supervision.

Learning objectives

  • Understanding the 1951 classical gestalt therapy model by detailed reading of excerpts from the founding text.
  • Understanding contemporary gestalt therapy from relational perspectives.
  • Concretely applying classical and contemporary gestalt therapy to clinical practice.

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General Information

Each seminar meets for 90 minutes approximately every other week for 8 sessions and then resumes for another 8 week, focusing on aspects of theory/practice that emerged in the previous seminar. The seminar is open to intermediate and advanced clinicians. Contact me if you are interested.


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Online Video Seminar

Terapia gestalt clásica y contemporánea desde una perspectiva relacional


Online Video Seminar

Understanding the “Essentials” of Gestalt Therapy by Perls, Hefferline and Goodman


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