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Phenomenology and Gestalt therapy: An Introduction

Open to experienced gestalt therapists and intermediate to advanced trainees
Seminars in progress

This webinar is both an introduction to the philosophical concepts of phenomenology and to contemporary relational gestalt therapy as a clinical phenomenology.

By studying the thinking of major figures in the field of phenomenology and then various contemporary gestalt therapists, we see how the synergistic interaction between phenomenology and gestalt therapy theory and practice opens contemporary gestalt therapy in new directions – and underscores gestalt therapy as a clinical phenomenology. All of this is discussed in terms of our clinical practice.

This webinar is in two 6-session parts.

Part One is an introduction to phenomenology. We focus on some basic ideas of Husserl, Heidegger, and Merleau-Ponty, Buber, Levinas that are relevant to gestalt therapy theory and practice. In an introductory way, we look at the phenomenal field, epoché, intentionality, Dasein, temporality, lived-body, life-world, chiasm, dialogue, and the other.

Part Two explicitly addresses the influence phenomenological concepts from Part One have on gestalt therapy’s contemporary relational theory and practice.

We read and discuss writings by selected contemporary gestalt therapists, including myself, which have added to gestalt therapy theory and practice such concepts as intentionality of contacting, the aesthetic of contact, the phenomenal field, the gestalt epoché, and the other-as-alien, among others. Basic concepts of gestalt therapy are looked at through a phenomenological lens.

Concrete references to our clinical practices are always made.

Each part consists of six sessions that meet every third week.

Part One may be taken alone but is a prerequisite for Part Two. Anyone interested only in Part Two and already sufficiently familiar with phenomenology, as covered in Part One, may take it separately.

The webinar is appropriate for experienced gestalt therapists and intermediate to advanced trainees.

The 12-sesson seminar is $720 USD. Each Part is $360 USD.

I expect to begin this seminar in Fall, 2018.

I also offer this as a seminar in New York City.

Consult this website for details about my background, experience, writings, and other trainings.

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