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“Let’s Take a Fresh Look: Introduction to Phenomenology for Gestalt Therapists and Gestalt Therapy as a Clinical Phenomenology”

Open to experienced gestalt therapists and intermediate to advanced trainees

This is an introduction to phenomenology for gestalt therapists and to gestalt therapy as a clinical phenomenology. The seminar is a fresh look at gestalt therapy itself.

This 12-week seminar is in two parts. It begins in March 2019.

Part One is an introduction to phenomenology for gestalt therapists.

It focuses on basic relevant ideas of such phenomenologists as Husserl, Heidegger, and Merleau-Ponty, Buber, Levinas – and those influenced by them and who are increasingly applicable to contemporary gestalt therapy. In simple ways, we look at the phenomenal field, epoché (bracketing), intentionality, Dasein, temporality, being-toward-death, the body and lived-body, lifeworld, chiasm, dialogue, and the Other.

Part Two describes gestalt therapy as a clinical phenomenology.

It shows how the concepts in Part One potentially expand gestalt therapy theory and practice. It will introduce or reformulate familiar concepts such as intentionality, the sequence and aesthetic of contacting, the phenomenal field, the gestalt epoché, reductions, aware-consciousness, responsivity to the other, and the contact-boundary.

Concrete application to clinical practice is central.

Each Part of the seminar consists of six sessions that meet every third week.

The seminar is appropriate for experienced gestalt therapists and intermediate to advanced trainees. Part One is appropriate for everyone.

Part One is a prerequisite for Part Two. Yet anyone interested in Part Two only and already sufficiently familiar with phenomenology, as covered in Part One, might be able to take it separately.

The 12-sesson seminar is $720 USD. Each Part is $360 USD. I offer partial scholarships.

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Lecture “When Parallel Lines Collide: Gestalt therapy and phenomenology” at the Gestalt Associates for Gestalt Therapy (GATLA)’s summer residential training program in Serock, Poland. July 2018.


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