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Understanding the “Basics” of Gestalt Therapy by Perls, Hefferline and Goodman

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The founding text of gestalt therapy is the 1951 Gestalt Therapy. To many gestalt therapists, it is the text of reference for the theory and practice of gestalt therapy which developed from that model. This is true in spite of the fact that for many trainees, much of the writing in this text is difficult to understand and/or many of the ideas difficult to grasp and misunderstood. Sometimes it is considered merely a classic to be cited but overlooked in favor of more “relevant” or “understandable” gestalt therapy models of theory and practice. This is a mistake.

For many years, I taught Gestalt Therapy the way I was taught at the New York Institute for it by reading the entire book line by line. In this seminar, instead of going through the entire book, I select sections that are basic to the contemporary theory and practice of gestalt therapy. We carefully read these sections together in order to make the theory understandable and relevant to people’s experience, personal and clinical. This is a hermeneutic engagement with the text, a personal way of making gestalt therapy one’s own. It is also a way for non-gestalt therapists to be introduced to gestalt therapy.

Learning objectives

  • Understanding the basics of Gestalt Therapy as the text of reference for contemporary gestalt therapy.
  • Learning how to read Gestalt Therapy.
  • Experiencing how to read the text hermeneutically.

General Information

Each seminar meets for 90 minutes approximately every other week for 8 sessions and then resumes for another 8 week commitment. The seminar is open to beginning to advanced clinicians, It is open to therapists of any modality. Contact me if you are interested.


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Classical and Contemporary Gestalt Therapy from a Relational Perspective



Terapia gestalt clásica y contemporánea desde una perspectiva relacional


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