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New Aspects of Contemporary Gestalt Therapy from a Relational Perspective

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This 8-session, 90-minute bi-weekly online seminar focuses on the relational perspective in gestalt therapy as it developed from the original 1951 model in Gestalt Therapy, Excitement and Growth in the Human Personality, by Perls, Hefferline, and Goodman (PHG).

Selected sections of PHG are read and critically discussed and challenged so that participants get a clear understanding of the 1951 model from a present relational perspective. We see how the core ideas today are different from those in that original model. Gestalt therapy approaches based on the PHG model have been changing to maintain their relevance to changing clinical situations and society.
The original theory is compared and contrasted with various contemporary views of theory/practice represented by different gestalt therapists, whose articles we also read and discuss.

The emphasis in the seminar is on new models of gestalt therapy that arise from the critical examination of the original theory and relating it to our present situation. We draw on such fields as phenomenology to discover innovative ways to approach our work. Novel concepts that I have developed such as the aesthetic of contacting, the relational function of self, intentionalities, and gestalt therapy as a clinical phenomenology, will be discussed.

How gestalt therapy theory/practice applies to our actual clinical work is an essential part of this online seminar. Members are encouraged to bring clinical examples into the discussion. The seminar is both didactive and interactive.

Learning objectives

Our focus is on the original theory, how it has changed, and how gestalt therapy theory/practice continues to develop within its relational perspective. Among the concepts we critically explore are:

  • organism/environment field
  • contact-boundary
  • sequence of contacting
  • self process and function
  • creative-adjusting
  • aesthetic of contacting
  • intentionalities of contacting
  • gestalt therapy as a clinical phenomenology


General Information

This seminar is appropriate to intermediate to advanced practitioners.

The online seminar is recorded. The recording available to members to download for their own use.

The seminar meets on Monday for 8 bi-weekly sessions. The time will be chosen based on the time zones of the participants. The fee is 600 US. Partial scholarships are available.

Contact me at or through the link on this website.

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