Online Video Seminar

Introduction to Phenomenology for Gestalt Therapists


This 8-session, 90-minute webinar introduces major phenomenologists who are directly relevant to our contemporary practice— Husserl, Heidegger, Merleau-Ponty, Levinas and Waldenfels.

I stress their significance to contemporary gestalt therapy  — and how each is reflected in the historical developments of gestalt therapy’s approaches from the one-person to the field-emergent models.

How phenomenology applies to our actual clinical work is an essential part of this webinar. Members are encouraged to bring clinical examples into the discussion. The online seminar is both didactic and interactive.

I dedicate a section of my website for the webinar. I encourage people to post questions and to engage in discussions on its message board.

Readings are posted on a dedicated document page and are downloadable. Each meeting is recorded for future viewing.

The fee is $600 USD.


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Online Video Seminar

PHG: A Theory of Reference for Gestalt Therapy from a Field-Emergent Perspective


Online Video Seminar

New Aspects of Contemporary Gestalt Therapy from a Relational Perspective


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