Online Video Seminar

“Let’s Take a Fresh Look: Introduction to Phenomenology for Gestalt Therapists and Gestalt Therapy as a Clinical Phenomenology”


The seminar covers the major phenomenologists who I think are directly relevant to gestalt therapy — Husserl, Heidegger, Merleau-Ponty, Gadamer, Levinas, and Waldenfels. I’ve left out a lot of others. We’ll also discuss many contemporary gestalt therapists in terms of clinical phenomenology.
The seminar meetings are 90 minutes. We will meet ever 3rd week so people will have enough time to read the material. I maintain a discussion dedicated to the seminar. I encourage people to post questions and to engage in discussions.

Meetings are recorded for members to review each meeting.

The fee is $540 for the 8 sessions.

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Lecture “When Parallel Lines Collide: Gestalt therapy and phenomenology” at the Gestalt Associates for Gestalt Therapy (GATLA)’s summer residential training program in Serock, Poland. July 2018.

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