Workshop, “Unfolding the relational self: contemporary phenomenological and existential perspective in gestalt therapy” – Lima, Peru, December, 2017

Posted on 25 October 2017 | EVENTS & FLYERS

All important psychotherapies change as the world changes. Gestalt therapy is no exception. This workshop will focus on how gestalt therapy shifted its figural attention from the individual to the person-in-relation in terms of its core concepts. Contacting and self, the heart of gestalt therapy theory, and practice will be seen as an unfolding process. As this workshop explores the unfolding self, the often neglected phenomenological and existential dimensions of self will become clear. In addition, we will examine gestalt concepts such as field, contact-boundary, contacting, creative-adjustment. Intentionality, lifeworld, meaning-making, and existence will emerge as self is further unfolded. Workshop participants will get a new understanding of gestalt therapy’s approach to individual, couple, and group process. The workshop will include didactic and experiential exercises as well as examples of gestalt therapy itself.”

Gestalt Relacional de Perú, Lima, Peru, December 2, 3, 2017

This is a photo of me and some of the participants of my workshop, “Unfolding the relational self: a contemporary phenomenological perspective in gestalt therapy,” that I gave on December 2 and 3 in Lima, Perú. I want to thank Roberto Gonzalo Vecco Giove and the Centro Gestáltico de Perú Miraflores, and the gestalt community for their hospitality.

Esta es una foto de mí con algunos de los participantes de mi taller, “Desplegando el yo relacional: una perspectiva fenomenológica contemporánea en la terapia gestalt” que impartí los días 2 y 3 de diciembre en Lima, Perú. Quiero agradecer a Roberto Gonzalo Vecco Giove y al Centro Gestáltico de Perú Miraflores, y a la comunidad gestalt por su hospitalidad.